Journals on Human Rights Law and Information

This webpage features some of the journals on human rights law and information.

These human rights law journals and other journals that focus on different aspects of information relating to legal information (access to legal information, management of legal information, production of legal information, legal informatics, etc.) contain valuable research. The journals featured here are added progressively. They reflect the various ramifications of the right of access to legal information.

Journal of Human Rights Practice (Oxford)

“Practical application of and academic interest in human rights has grown exponentially over the last decade. Activism – its methods, its ethical imperatives and dilemmas, its particular constituencies, its social and political impact, and even its organizational structure – has become the subject of rigorous scrutiny. New vehicles for the dissemination of the ideas, debates and arguments generated by this remarkable phenomenon are clearly required. The Journal of Human Rights Practice aims to capture learning and communicate the lessons of practice across professional and geographical boundaries, within and beyond the human rights mainstream, and to provide a platform for international and local practitioners world-wide. Such cross-fertilization will challenge conventional ways of working, stimulate innovation and encourage reflective practice.” [Accessed 12 April 2015]

Human Rights Law Review (Oxford)

“Launched in 2001, Human Rights Law Review seeks to promote awareness, knowledge, and discussion on matters of human rights law and policy.

While academic in focus, the Review is also of interest to the wider human rights community, including those in governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental spheres, concerned with law, policy, and fieldwork.

The Review publishes critical articles that consider human rights in their various contexts, from global to national levels, book reviews, and a section dedicated to analysis of recent jurisprudence and practice of the UN and regional human rights systems.”  [Accessed 12 April 2015]

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